Hotel Industry Management Information System.

This is an integrated Hotel Industry Management Information System, which has been tried and tested over the years. The system is seamlessly integrated and has been designed with a Kenya hotel operation and procedures in mind.
The system has got the capacity to provide reports on a real time basis by exploiting modern tools and network protocols. The system module gives the details of a company and provides system security. This is also the place where database of financial institutions, methods of payments and transaction types are built and defined.

The system comes with the following modules:
  • Front Office
  • Payroll
  • Point of Sale
  • Stock control
  • Asset tracking system
  • Accounts

There are measures in place, which take care of security of the system. This includes password allocation and task allocation facility. These also enable a user to fill in company details like NHIF, NSSF, VAT percentage and other levies for better data capture.

Our Pricing Packages


KES 350,000
  • One Revenue Center
  • Up to 20 Rooms


KES 500,000
  • Two Revenue Centers
  • 21 – 50 Rooms


KES 750,000
  • Thee Revenue Centers
  • 51 – 100 Rooms


  • Four Revenue Centers
  • 101 – 200 Rooms


KES 3.5 M
  • Five Revenue Centers
  • 201 – 300 Rooms


KES 7.5 M
  • Eight Revenue Centers
  • Over 300 Rooms